Get The Job You Want By Following These Interview Guidelines!

7 months ago Jack Hoffman Comments Off on Get The Job You Want By Following These Interview Guidelines!

In today’s economy it is hard enough to get an interview, so when you have that opportunity you want to cash in on it.  Just like everything in life, in order to excel at something, you practice and study it – Interviewing is no different.  Unfortunately, there are too many people who feel that they can just walk in and impress everyone they encounter.  I have trained hundreds of clients on how to interview and only 2 of them thought that was their weak point.  Often times I hear the phrase, “Every job I have ever interviewed for, I have gotten”.    This may be true, but times are much different now.  For those of you that have had only 3 or 4 jobs in your life, it may be likely you have gotten every job you have interviewed for.  However, times have changed and you are competing against hundreds of other qualified candidates.


Hiring managers and companies now have the ability to be more selective than ever.  The interview is a place where you can make the impression that will give you a clear advantage over your competition.  Below is a list of DO’s and DON’TS.  Some of these may seem like common sense, but most candidates do not even follow the most basic rules.


DO research, study and learn everything you can about the individuals and company you are interviewing with.


DO review potential interview questions (there is a section of my blog that lists different interview questions) and practice answering them.


DO dress conservatively


DO bring a few extra copies of your resume with you


DO send a thank you note after the interview is over


DO try to find a commonality between yourself and the interviewer and discuss that


DO let your personality come out


DO take a notepad and pen with you to take notes


DO take a list of references and phone numbers with you


DO ask a few business related questions at the end of the interview


DO follow-up with the interviewer if you do not hear back from them within a week of the interview


DON’T be late, or too early


DON’T ask questions that revolve around money or benefits


DON’T wear perfume, cologne or any flashy jewelry


DON’T talk negatively about your former employer


DON’T smoke before the interview or chew gum during the interview


DON’T get too comfortable during the interview and tell the person your life story (This happens in 1 of every 3 interviews)


DON’T answer cell phone calls during the interview




DON’T send a thank-you note full of typos.  Have someone review it before it before you send it.


Following these simple guidelines is going to make your interview more effectively than over 90% of the U.S. population.  They may seem like common sense, but unless you practice and prepare for your interview you might be guilty of one of these mistakes.