Calling all Job Seekers: Snag that Dream Job!

6 months ago Jack Hoffman Comments Off on Calling all Job Seekers: Snag that Dream Job!

Beggars cannot be choosers after all, and when you can do something that interests you, well, you are already ahead of the game. Job seekers always need to keep their resume updated as well, even if it is just a rough, sketched in template.  That way, it will always be at the ready when a new job opportunity comes up; all you have to do is fill in the specific details.  If you do not know how to write a resume – learn!  It is really not that hard, and there are plenty of tutorials available out there to help you craft a great one.  Insofar as that goes, getting your name out there never hurts either.  Create a personal web site.  Whenever possible, include your portfolio on there.  As well, you should never underestimate the value of social and professional networking sites.  More and more employers and companies are even turning to MySpace.  Having a page there, and on such places as LinkedIn, Facebook, and JobFox can be more helpful than you might think.  You can also get some great connections there.

You also need to remember how important a cover letter is.  In particular, you need to target both your cover letter and your CV – and your resume, for that matter – to the individual positions to which you are applying.  For instance, if you have done some volunteer work which garnered experience that would be beneficial in a particular position, make sure you let your prospective employer know that.

Most importantly, as hard as it may be, job seekers need to learn patience – and never, ever be too hard on yourselves.  Stressing yourself out is just going to make the whole process worse, plus you will lose confidence in yourself.  Self confidence and self worth are just as important as an excellent CV, cover letter, and resume.  You have to let these employers know that you truly believe you are the best person for the job.